When dealing with law, people get upset and say slanderous things. Unfortunately with the use of the internet, people can quickly spread these negative comments and accusations about a law firm.

Many times we even see competitors putting up false reviews to pull prospective clients away from other law firms. The internet has made the spread of negative publicity easy, and unlike other services, in terms of law, all publicity is not considered good publicity.

Reputation Management

Why Reputation Management?

When you’re in building a reputation online, it takes time. It takes years of learning and applying techniques to understand how the internet works. Sometimes it’s difficult to determine when negative comments are being spoken and how to locate them.

SEO 4 Law Firms diligently keeps watch on your services online reputation and eliminates negative media as soon as it’s posted. Without the know how or skill it can be next to impossible to avoid these unfortunate circumstances.

Specific Services

  • Clearing Search Results – We will keep all search results free from any negative feedback about your law firm.
  • Clearing Social Media – Keeping your law firms social presence clean and clear is an important part of reputation management.
  • Contacting the Proper Services – There are certain site authorities we can communicate to bring negative slander under review and have it removed.
  • Keeping Review Sites Free from Slander – Any legal forums or review sites is kept clean and clear.
  • Responding to Allegations – If any negative feedback has been given we will respond to these negative reviews in a professional manner.

How SEO 4 Law Firm Can Help

Our team is dedicated to keeping your slate clean and clear online. We keep one goal in focus, building you a trusted and respectable reputation and presence free from negative slander.

Our team is ready to keep your track record clean and bring your legal team the following online which is sure to lead to success.

Getting In Touch

If you’re new to the internet, or have been online for some time we would like to encourage you to contact us via form below or by phone. One of our skilled staff will gladly answer any questions you may have and help guide you on the right steps to take your legal practice to the next level online. Regardless of where you currently stand, how large or small your company is SEO 4 Law Firms is confident in our ability to deliver you the services you need.

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